Technology Guide: How To Attach Files To Emails!

Every person faces their own unique challenges and at The Housing Connection, we know the incredible potential that resides inside every single one of us!

Two of the social challenges facing someone living with a disability are maintaining healthy levels of independence and social interaction.

Independent Living Skills For People With Disability

Independence comes in many forms. It isn’t just about where you live or with whom you do it. It can sometimes just be as simple as arranging your own medical appointments, organising your social calendar, or making your own meals.

However, now more than ever, many of these things require a knowledge of how to use technology.

Whether it is assistive technology or the use of mainstream technology, technology is a big part of everyday life!

At The Housing Connection, we created a program called Tech Guru, our Technology Assistance Program. Participants can learn whatever technology they need and/or want in one-on-one training sessions with our Tech Guru. The Tech Guru Program is available to NDIS Participants with the relevant Funded Supports (learn more)

We’ve decided to go a step further! Our Tech Guru has created a series of ‘how to’ instructional guides that you can follow to help you learn some simple technology-based uses that will help you become more independent and more connected, and help improve your quality of life.


How To Attach Files To Emails

The first in the series is learning how to attach files to emails. One of the easiest methods for communication is email, and sometimes we want to send more than a note; we also want to send files. Some uses can include:

1. Sending medical documents to your doctor. 2. Sharing photos with your family and loved ones. 3. Sending your favourite recipes to your friends.
Attaching medical documents to emails to safely send them to your doctor


Attaching photos to emails to send them to your family and loved ones


Attaching your favourite food recipes to emails to share them with your friends


We've created a Tech Guru video guide and a downloadable written instruction guide to help you learn how to attach files to your emails.

Here’s a short snippet of the video guide on How To Attach Files To Emails:

HubSpot Video

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