Autism Awareness

April is Autism Awareness Month, and we want to share with you the journey of Alex Stanton, one of our valued NDIS participants at The Housing Connection.

Alex's story is a testament to the amazing potential of individuals on the autism spectrum and the power of community.

When Alex first joined THC seven years ago, he was a shy and introverted person who struggled to connect with others. He would spend most of his time alone with his laptop, working on his graphic design diploma 👨‍💻 . Socialising was a challenge for Alex, and he preferred to eat his lunch at food courts alone instead of joining his peers in the kitchen.

But over time, Alex's confidence began to grow, and he gradually started to engage more with our social community.

The Housing Connection THC | Disability Support Services | Alex's JourneyToday, Alex is a beloved member of several social groups, including the Yarn Circle, Walking Club, Saturday Socials, and Pizza & Pasta Night. He has made many friends among our other NDIS participants and our THC team, and Alex is always eager to find new things to add in his everyday life 🤗 .

In addition to his social skills, Alex has a passion for visual arts and design. He graduated from Hornsby TAFE with a diploma in Graphic design in 2020. His creativity and talent have only continued to flourish since then. His style is influenced by Josh Agle, an American artist who uses mid-century modernism in his designs 🎨 .

Alex's artistic abilities are truly remarkable. He has created realistic illustrations of THC members, as well as detailed designs of furniture, hotels, and cities like Surfers Paradise and Melbourne. He loves recreating real life elements with his own twist and modern style. He has also produced flyers for our social events, showcasing his creative flair 👏 .

The Housing Connection THC | Disability Support Services | Alex's JourneyEven in the midst of lockdown, Alex remained social and resilient. He used the House Party app to stay connected with his friends at THC and worked on his assignments at the THC office. His parents, Michael and Kai, are so proud of their son who has grown into a confident, independent, and caring individual.

Alex's journey at THC shows the incredible impact that a supportive and inclusive community can have on the lives of individuals with autism.

We are grateful to have Alex as part of our community, and we look forward to seeing all the amazing things he will accomplish in the future.

As Alex himself puts it,

"Today, I feel like a different person as I am more social and confident.
I know people, and they know my name, and that's important to me."


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The Housing Connection THC | Disability Support Services | Alex's Journey

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