"Joining an inclusive company as a person with a pervasive developmental disability was truly life-changing from the very beginning. It all started unexpectedly during the THC Christmas cruise, a type of event that initially seemed foreboding due to the social challenges associated with my condition. However as the ship sailed, I found myself pleasantly surprised by the welcoming atmosphere and genuine camaraderie among staff and clients. Amidst the laugher and conversations, I felt a sense of belonging I had not anticipated. Little did I know, that this course would mark the beginning of an incredible journey in finance.

Callum is a THC Support Coordination and Plan Management Client, and also works in our Finance team

From my very first day at the company, I was met with patience, understanding, and unwavering support. I was provided with comprehensive training and ongoing guidance, ensuring that I had the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in the fast-paced world of finance. As I immersed myself in my work, I found that my condition became a source of strength rather than a limitation. My attention to detail, methodical approach, and unwavering determination were assets that I brought to the table each day. And with the unwavering support of my colleagues and supervisors, I continued to grow and evolve both personally and professionally.

What truly set THC apart, was its genuine commitment to fostering an inclusive environment. Diversity was not just tolerated—it was celebrated. From company-wide events to everyday interactions, every individual was valued for their unique perspective and contributions. This open environment also provided me with the opportunity to hone in on and learn proficiency in navigating the legal landscape of finance in the disability sector. Compliance with laws and regulations is not merely a box to check—it is a fundamental ethical responsibility. By adhering to financial and legal standards, I not only eliminated risk, I played an essential role in keeping the company, the community and our clients thriving." 

- Callum Williams, Support Coordination and Plan Management Client and Acting Finance Officer at THC

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