We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Daniel Kim for being named a finalist in the prestigious 2023 Archibald Prize! His captivating self-portrait is a testament to his dedication and passion for art, as well as a touching tribute to his mentor and friend, Greg Warburton.

Greg Warburton, a respected artist known for his work with adults with disability, had a profound impact on Daniel's artistic journey. They met at Studio A in Sydney, where Greg's mentorship helped Daniel explore his creative depths.

Tragically, Greg passed away in 2022, leaving a void in Daniel's life. To honour his mentor, Daniel painted a self-portrait holding a photo album filled with cherished memories of their time together. The painting beautifully captures the essence of their friendship and the artistic growth Daniel experienced under Greg's guidance.
The self-portrait is a poignant symbol of the power of mentorship and the enduring legacy of friendship. It has touched the hearts of many, and Daniel's story was featured in The Sydney Morning Herald.
You can read this article here:
2023 Archibald Prize: Daniel Kim's Story

As we celebrate Daniel Kim's remarkable achievement, we also pay tribute to Greg Warburton's lasting influence on the art world. Congratulations, Daniel, and may your art continue to inspire and move others! 💙💛

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