The THC Swans Group embarked on a wonderful supported holiday to Brisbane to catch an away game last month. Kelsey and Anne Louise took charge of booking the flights and accommodation together. Here's a glimpse into their memorable trip! ✈️

The Housing Connection THC | Disability Support Services | Swans Group Travel To BrisbaneOn the first day, the group gathered at 8:30 am, all set for a thrilling adventure. They grabbed a quick breakfast at the airport before hopping on their 12 o'clock flight. Securing great seats, they soared through the skies, eagerly anticipating their arrival at Brisbane Airport.

Touching down in Brisbane, the group wasted no time and headed straight to their hotel, located in the vibrant city area near South Bank. The Swannies decided to kick off their holiday by visiting a local pub, the Plough Inn. With good company, they enjoyed some drinks and delicious food, and even reconnected with Min, a former THC staff member. 
The next morning, the group gathered for breakfast at the hotel before hopping on a ferry to Fellons Brewing Company. They spent quality time there, enjoying good food and each other's company. Some even had fun with impromptu photoshoots on the beanbags. Afterward, they returned to South Bank, where some members explored the Ferris wheel, and the rest opted for relaxation back at the hotel, preparing for the game ahead. ☀️ 
The Housing Connection THC | Disability Support Services | Swans Group Travel To Brisbane⚽ The much-anticipated game was a clash between the Sydney Swans and the Brisbane Lions. Dressed in their iconic red and white gear, our Swans group settled into their amazing seats that offered great views of the match. They cheered wholeheartedly for their beloved team, even though the Swans faced a loss. Nevertheless, they made their way back to the hotel on the shuttle, reminiscing about the exciting experience. 🎉

On the final morning, the group checked out of their hotel, ensuring they hadn't left anything behind. At Sydney Airport, they bid farewell to one another, making their way home using public transportation. The memories of this incredible trip will forever hold a special place in their hearts, strengthening their bond as Swans supporters. Until the next adventure calls!

The Housing Connection THC | Disability Support Services | Swans Group Travel To Brisbane


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